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As we all know running business nowadays it is all about the newest technologies. Just not to lag behind our competitors you need to follow the latest trends. It provides that you can always improve your services, make them modern, more sufficient. It also often helps to decrease costs in the long run. MIT Technology Review provides you with the latest and the most important facts from the world of technology.


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Internetowy System Aktów Prawnych (Legal Acts Internet System)

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Internetowy System Aktów Prawnych (Legal Acts Internet System) is undeniably valuable and useful source of information for polish entrepreneurs, polish companies and companies which have their head quarters in the territory of Poland. They can always check online which acts are in power. A law knowledge is of high importance when it takes to taking any business or legal actions. Companies should always monitor implementations of any changes.


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The European Commission


To my mind, all of existing companies which are taking economic and investing decisions should be up to date with this website.  There is a possibility to observe what kind of investments is about to make/introduce European Union. Having know that can provide proper reaction and show proper direction of development within company’s structures.  Moreover, companies should follow introduced changes in European law. The European Commission publish every signed deal and introduced law.


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The Warsaw Stock Exchange


I consider the website of the Warsaw Stock Exchange as valuable source of information for each and every company. They can check a current state of the market and the latest condition of polish economy. Additionally, entrepreneurs are known to be investing in shares. Owing to that is of their high interest to monitor situation constantly.


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World Bank Open Data

zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-06-o-15-08-52I choose World Bank Open Data as reliable and useful source of information due to the width range of data, which is provided in this website. Moreover, data are always actualised, which makes them up to date. We are also given proper numbers, which ca be subject to further analysis, rather than described situation, which can be in some cases misinterpreted.


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The importance of information and knowledge within companies’ structures

Some people say if you know less, you better sleep. Undoubtedly, it applies in many life cases. However, when it comes to the area of business it is other way around. Information is often of the highest price. Companies spend a fortune for a work of researchers. They know how important is to always stay up to date in order to maintain or even increase their market position. When we check definition of Information it gives a following explanation: “knowledge that you get about someone or something : facts or details about a subject”[1]. What is worth underline in this quoted definition is a word – knowledge. Without knowledge it is impossible to run any business at all. When a new worker enters corporate structures his knowledge about company is probably not equal to zero, but still rather low. They need to be thought how to do their job, what to do and how to do. They often are given training which is held by their experienced co-workers. When it comes to a researcher work what brought my attention is story of Proctor&Gambel’s marketing campaign.  In the given article, we see the example how lack of information can affect an effectiveness of   their marketing campaign. Although knowledge is rather concerned into broaden area, outside of the company than in. Still, this problem could have been avoided if researchers did they work properly or were told to do it at all. I refer to the pampers case in Japan. This shows how the understanding of different customs and cultures can have significant meaning when it comes to international corporations. As is has been said you cannot learn unless you do something wrong. I really hope Procter&Gamble realized the importance of information and the described case will never be repeated at all.

Qué considerar antes de una campaña de marketing en otro país

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